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变色龙捉迷藏 | Chameleon

变色龙捉迷藏 | Chameleon

🌈It may be tempting to surround your newborn with little colours of the rainbow... but do you know that, for the newborn stage, they are only able to see black, white and grey?

5️⃣It is only by the fifth month that they can see the full range of colours. And it would be a fun time to stimulate their vision with the changing colours of this book!


😮Mr 1.5 is especially fascinated by how the chameleon changes its colour in a split second when it meets with danger. He is obsessed with the game of hide-and-seek and so this pull-the-tag book is right up his alley! 

What a fun way to learn about colours and develop spatial awareness as we journey with the Chameleon to find his dear friend amidst danger!

Title: 变色龙捉迷藏 | Chameleon
Author and illustrator:  米津祐介 Yusuke Yonezu 
Translated from: Japanese 
Translator: 信宜编辑部
Format: Interactive 
Special mention:
Suitable age: 6months-3years old
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