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十二生肖的故事|The Twelve Zodiac

十二生肖的故事|The Twelve Zodiac

Have your child ever ask you how did the squeaky little mouse come in ahead of the Ox in the race ? How did the pig manage to squeeze into top 12? How is the bunny able to cross the river when it can’t swim?

Chinese New Year is a great time to tell the exciting Chinese Zodiac ranking race story. The story behind this order stems from an ancient Chinese myth. However, the author is able to narrate the story in a very interesting way by adding in modern elements and funny touches.


”爷爷是龙、爸爸是老虎、我是狗!”My animal lover boy was having fun with the last page of this book as he learnt which zodiac animal represents the respective family member. Ispy is also a game you can play with them as there are so many tiny details they can observe from.

Get ready to be entertained by this classic myth with a new twist!
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