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 包起来真好吃 | What’s inside ?

包起来真好吃 | What’s inside ?

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❓What is the best way to teach your child about cultural diversity?

🍜Food is the simplest way into a country’s culture and history. So when my family received this book about the different kinds of food in different countries, we were stoked!

🍔Mr 3 was busying stacking the different layers of the hamburger. He was flapping the ingredients so fast that I was reminded that a hamburger tells us that Americans eat for speed and convenience. Indeed, the food we eat tells us a lot about who we are.

🍣If you have a little foodie at home, it is also fun pretending to prepare the different kinds of food. We especially love “making” the sushi! Did I tell you, this playbook even has a picture of a bamboo roll mat for you to “wrap” your ingredients in?


Taste the world in this playbook as your little one explores the different food from different countries! We do hope they will learn to appreciate the abundant diversity of cultures!

*This last two copies have small dents on the cover due to shipping. Purchase only when comfortable. Discount has been given.






Title: 包起来真好吃 | What’s inside ?

Author: 几古的家

illustrator: 水母咪

Format: Interactive

Suitable age: 18 months- 4years old

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