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勇敢小火车|Brave Little Train, Carle

勇敢小火车|Brave Little Train, Carle


📍Children have different fears and worries as they grow up.

📍Fear of cutting their hair, fear of darkness, fear of speaking infront of the class etc.

📍Follow our little train Carle’s journey to deliver Santa Claus’ presents for the brave children who have overcome their own struggles.

📍Witness how little Carle grows in courage as he takes on this mission!

📍What I love about this book is the message that everyone has their own fears and it is normal! What is encouraging is how each character embraces challenges and overcomes their fears!

📍赖马’s sense of humour and attention to details never fail to make our reading aloud session enjoyable and stress-free!





Title: 勇敢小火车|Brave little train, Carle

Author and illustrated by: 赖马

Format: Hardcover

Suitable age: 3 years old and above.

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