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动物村系列 ( 山猫服装店、山羊蛋糕店、加油!熊医生)| Animals Village Series

动物村系列 ( 山猫服装店、山羊蛋糕店、加油!熊医生)| Animals Village Series

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This Animal Village Series provide the perfect pretend play setting to take place. The three real life scenarios ( Bakery, Clinic and Fashion Retail shop)  allow your child to take on different roles in the real world during storytelling. We have a great time switching between the various roles such as doctor, nurse and patients. 

I must confess that I have a weak spot for interactive books that are ingeniously designed. With his childlike and comical illustrations,  Yuichi Kimura has never failed to captured our hearts. 

Learning opportunities for the little ones  : 💡Empathy: understand that everyone has different needs. 💡Relating to others : communication is a two-way process and we need to learn to listen. 💡Encourage expressive language during pretend play. 

Title: 动物村系列 ( 山猫服装店、山羊蛋糕店、加油!熊医生)| Animals Village Series By : 木村裕一Translated by: 信谊编辑部Translated from : JapaneseFormat: Hardcover interactiveSuitable age: 18 months and above
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