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动物宝宝和妈妈|Animal baby and Mother | Set of 7

动物宝宝和妈妈|Animal baby and Mother | Set of 7


🌈What are some meaningful bonding activities for your family?

⏰Some Mothers have reflected that they have limited time and energy left after work to bond with their children.

❤️Spending quality time with our little ones will make them feel important and special, even if is just 5 minutes of fun reading a book or connecting with them. One quick and meaningful way to create memories with my boys is through role-playing during bedtime storytelling.

In this series that I’m recommending,we have fun mimicking the different animals and their habits such as how they sleep, how they protect themselves and how the young interact with their parents.

🗣Moreover, the question and answer format encourages interaction and evokes meaningful discussion. So all you have to do is to ask the question and your child can act out the answer!

If you are looking for Montessori-friendly books, this is a series where children were presented with realistic pictures. Be prepared to be intrigued by the finest details of the illustrations where you can see each strain of hair and muscle on the animals.




Title: 动物宝宝和妈妈|Animal baby and Mother| Set of 7

Author: Atsushi Komori

illustrator: Yabuuchi Masat

Translator: 黄锐

Translated from: Japanese

Format: Softcover

Special mention: This series is the representative work of Japan's "Animal Painting Wizard" Yabuuchi Masato, created by Nao Matsui, the father of picture books.

Suitable age: 0-3 years old

There are 7 volumes in this series:

"Baby Animals and Moms"

"Happy Baby Animal Games"

"With Mom"

"Baby Animals Sleeping"

"Whose Footprints Are This"

"Whose Baby Is This"

"How Baby Animals Protect Themselves".

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