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五花八门的交通工具| Little Explorers: On the move

五花八门的交通工具| Little Explorers: On the move

One of our favourite games that we like to play in the car is “I spy”. My boy will point out excitedly the vehicles that he identifies on the road. 

“那是救护车! 水泥搅拌车! 卡车! 双层巴士!”


A fun and easy way to learn Chinese is to incorporate the language into our daily life. We can point out familiar items around us and let them learn new Chinese words gradually. After all, language is often “caught” and not taught. 

《五花八门的交通工具》appeals to the interests of kids who love everything about vehicles, planes, and boats. You name it, they have it! One thing I like about this interactive book is the little surprises every time you open the flaps. You get to explore the interior and structures of the vehicles too! 

My vocabulary bank on transportation expanded after reading this book. At least I can easily answer my son when he asks me what is the name of a particular vehicle. 

Title: 宫西达也小卡车系列|  Set of 5
By: Miyanishi Tatsuya
Translated by: 王志庚
Translated from: Japanese 
Format: soft back 
Special Mention: 日本童书研究会选定图书
Suitable age: 3 Years Old and above
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