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了不起的杰作| The Most Magnificent Thing

了不起的杰作| The Most Magnificent Thing

🧠This is another delightful book that advocates a growth mindset. Together with her assistant, a dog, the female protagonist works tirelessly on her latest project : The most magnificent thing!

It talks about the power of failures. Yes! failures are not something to be avoided, instead there are values in failures too! 


“There are some parts of the wrong things that are really quite right!” 


By failing, the female protagonist is able to understand why her previous products doesn’t work. By failing, she is able to learn from her previous mistakes and improve on her next attempt. By failing, she is able to stretch herself and become better. 

That’s what we called positive failures! 

That’s exactly what we want to reinforce in our children: to see learning from failures and to strive for progress over perfection.

Of course there is frustration, disappointment and anger as experienced by the girl in the process. But sometimes you just need a little break and change of perspective to overcome your obstacles. 

Title: 了不起的杰作| The Most Magnificent Thing 
Author and illustrator: Ashley Spires
Translator: 陈赛
Translated from : English 
Format: Hardcover 
Special mention: Top 2014 Mighty Girl Books For Younger Readers
Suitable age: 3-6 years old
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