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不睡觉世界冠军  The world champion of staying awake

不睡觉世界冠军 The world champion of staying awake


🔴Role reversal for Stella as she takes on the role of the parents to make her active stuff animals sleep. She comes up with a staying awake championship, intending to send them to lala land.


🔴Never underestimate the imagination of a child. In this bed time story, you will see how a pillow is transformed into a rocking ship,exploring in the ocean; how a shoe box is transformed into a midnight train, embarking on a fantasy journey; how a basket is transformed into a hot air balloon, taking in the scenery from the sky.


🔴Illustration is crucial in catching the child's attention as they are very visual. That's why i really love beautiful illustraions. The style of illustration in this book is unmistakenly Jimmy Liao's ( 几米). He is a Taiwanese illustrator and writer whom i adored since young. With rhyming verses and heartwarming illustrations, this book is definitly a must for illustration lovers and parents who find it hard to tuck their kids to sleep!


" Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go no where." Carl Sagan.

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