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不变的,一样的 | Everything is fine

不变的,一样的 | Everything is fine


(Restock) 🔥Hot from the oven: We are honoured and excited to stock this new launch 《不变的,一样的》( Everything is fine), written and illustrated by local artist阿果 @kowfong

“ 不要去动电梯按钮!”



I reflect on the things I speak to my boys daily. For our children growing up in these times, I realised they are constantly being bombarded by the parents’ frantic reminders.

😷As much as we are worried for their safety, I wonder how much fear and danger I’m projecting to their little world. How do they see the world of mask-wearing and hand-sanitising? How has the pandemic affected their childhood?

The whimsical watercolour illustrations in 阿果’s latest book gives me a glimpse of how our children view this pandemic. Amidst all the changes and uncertainties, what is constant for our children?

❤️Our love. Their joy.




Indeed, our children are more adaptable to the new normal than we thought. I vividly remembered how one day when I was reading a book to Mr 3 and he innocently asked me, “ 妈妈,他们没有戴口罩!”

I’m a fan of 阿果‘s signature child-like illustrations that never fail to invoke nostalgic memories of my own childhood, complete with local iconic places that are so relatable even for my boys.


⚓️This excerpt beautifully sums up my takeaway from this book. No matter how bleak the situation is, what’s most important is to hold on to hope and maintain your inner strengths during trying moments. I’m sure it will resonate with you too!

🌈This book makes a uplifting gift to encourage and send some positivity to your loved ones in this period. After all, it is a book of our collective memories fighting and living with this pandemic.

Ps: This third launch includes an exclusive autographed envelope with a letter from @kowfong and two postcards.

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